WP Example Content

WP Example Content is one of the simplest plugins that helps you to generate dummy content on your WordPress website. The plugin adds dummy text that helps you in developing a new themes or website. You can delete the whole content with the help of this plugin.

One of the disadvantages of the plugin is that it only adds dummy posts. It doesn’t category, tags, comments etc. to your website. Add six types of posts like multiple paragraph post, image post, post with links, Blockquote post, UL and OL post and post with header text from H1 to H5.

Allows you to remove all the dummy content in just a single click. Format posts with different styles.


With over 900 downloads and a consistent five start rating. FakerPress is currently the leading and a very popular test data generation plugin which provides a clean way to generate fake and dummy content to your WordPress which is perfect for developers who need testing.

FakerPress gives the option to set the number of posts to generate, it also allows the creation of various post types such as a regular post, pages, users, categories, attachments etc. Additionally, the plugin allows you to select the image service to use for creating the featured images. It’s able to interact with major image hosting services such as 500px and Unsplash.