Choosing the Best Sleep Position

When you curl up under the covers at night, you probably settle into your favorite position without thinking much about it. But could one sleep position be better than another? We could argue that some are better than others,” says Rachel Salas, M.D. , an associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins Medicine. “But there are caveats. […]

Sleepless Nights? Try Stress Relief Techniques

In a recent national survey, 44 percent of adults said stress had caused sleepless nights at least once in the previous month. All that tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling can leave you feeling tired and more stressed the next day. If you’re caught in this vicious cycle of anxiety and insomnia, there’s good news: Simple […]

Why Managing stress will lead to a better night’s sleep

Do you know anyone who doesn’t experience some level of stress in their lives? Probably not, because it’s a fact of life — it’s your body’s natural physical, emotional, and mental reaction to life experiences.  However, not all stress is equal. According to The American Institute of Stress, stress can be broken into four distinct categories: […]


The term “nootropic” was coined in the early 1970s, using Greek terms, to describe compounds that act “towards (tropein) the mind (noos).” It has evolved to describe anything that encompasses the ever-growing field of products that claim to positively affect brain function in varying ways, focusing on aspects like memory and creativity. You may have […]

How to Reduce Holiday Anxiety So You Can Actually Enjoy the Holiday Season

Are your kids racing around the house, full of sugar and without Zoom school to keep them occupied? Are your in-laws giving you that look because your kids are out of control? Is your crazy uncle spewing out conspiracy theories to everyone within earshot? It’s that time of year again—time for your annual dose of holiday anxiety. […]